A fun aspect of Nihongo language learning is Japanese “goroawase” (語呂合わせ) or wordplay where numbers are substituted for sounds, for mnemonic purposes. Numbers can be pronounced in various ways in Japanese, and they are combined together to form words in everyday usage in Japan. This page lists some commonly seen goroawase. Please submit any goroawase via email you happen to know, and I will add them to the list.

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Number-Sound Subtitutions

When you are looking at goroawase, a list of the possible substitutions is illustrative. Here’s a list of numbers with onyomi (Chinese reading), kunyomi (Japanese reading), and English transliterations for your reference.

As a point of interest, the data for this page is stored in a data table in eSolia’s flexible cloud database “PROdb”, and is being referenced in an iframe. Feedback and additions are welcome.