Tutorial - Setting Up Leopard Mail.app With Google Gmail IMAP - the Basics

This tutorial describes how I set up Mail.app in OS X Leopard to handle both private and work email, using Google Mail accessed via the IMAP protocol, and sending mail via my ISP’s SMTP server to avoid the Outlook “sent on behalf of” problem.

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Brush Me Sign

This Japanese sign on a door says “brush me” or “touch me” - “furete kudasai”. But there’s a problem, and it’s me.

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Tip - Making Mail.app Messages Readable

I have a Macbook Pro, and I noticed upon upgrading to OS X Leopard, that the default message size for Mail.app messages was too small to read. Sure, you can add a button to your toolbar to increase font size on a per-message basis, but this gets old after the 1000th time. What to do about it?

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Tutorial - Make a Timezone Time Lister

In my job as a consultant, I often need to schedule meetings across timezones, and sometimes do not want to struggle with cross-platform incompatibilities between calendar software. A few tips follow, about how I help myself with this, using Mac OS X Automator.

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Japan Post Office Striving

Here is a snap of the Japan Post Office logo, on our local post office’s door. The sign you will see for the PO, or “yuubin kyoku” is a red T with two horizontal bars on the top.

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Apple - MacBook Air

Apple - MacBook Air - wow! How do they do it?! What an incredibly slim laptop.

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Failed Reinstall of Adobe Creative Suite CS3 - Disk 2?

I installed some software that overwrote some vital portion of Adobe Acrobat, so when I try starting that app, it complains, asking for a reinstall. What did I do?

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Video: Getting Things Done With David Allen Himself

Check out this YouTube video of David Allen himself, speaking about Getting Things Done, and two keys to sustaining a healthy life and work style.

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Welcome to Snap!Japan

This is the first post on the Snap!Japan weblog. Welcome, and please come back to see snapshots and slices of my life in Japan.

Warm regards,

Convenient Snippets With Code Collector Pro

Ed from the RapidWeaver forum gave me a tip on how to save little snippets of programming code.

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