Open Source Project Management Software - OpenProj

Wow, a full-blown opensource project management app from Projity. Check out OpenProj.

Emacs GUI Version for OS X - Aquamacs

Found an interesting Emacs GUI - Aquamacs. Works with Japanese as well. Now if I can only get over my allergy to all those keyboard shortcuts.

SproutCore - Apple’s Open Source Javascript Development Platform

If the new desktop-like apps in MobileMe, Apple’s replacement for its .mac service, are any indication, SproutCore is going to be the source of some really incredible apps. AppleInsider calls it Cocoa for the Web.

TextMate Japanese Input Bundle

I use TextMate for text editing in OS X and love its clean interface and features, but the defaults do not allow Japanese input and choosing Fonts has been problematic. Never fear. Hetima san, the developer of SafariStand, released a bundle called CJKInput for TextMate to allow Japanese input, and has a font to boot. I searched a few times for this in English and Japanese, but for some reason never came across it despite its having been around for quite some time.

At any rate, you can download CJKInput, and unzip and copy the tmbundle file into:

~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/

Hetima’s Font-Forged, Mono-Space Japanese font ForMateKonaVe.ttf is here, so you can install that in the normal way. Enable it in TextMate Preferences, and away you go. The font is an amalgam of a Japanese font and the open source Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, so it looks good too.

Design Stencils - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

I occasionally search for design stencils and keep an eye out for them via Google Alerts and so on. Yahoo has a library of stencils available at Design Stencils - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library which has a set available in Visio, Photoshop, Illustrator and OmniGraffle format. For OmniGraffle stencils, there is also GraffleTopia.

If you are not familiar with the concept, design stencils are an illustration that is made available in a design or illustration application, so that you can just quickly drag the illustration from a picker menu, to your drawing canvas. That way, instead of reinventing the wheel and illustrating an office chair every time, you can just drag a stencil in and voilà! you’re done. Makes life easy, and makes you look good.

Large 450MB Upgrade to Leopard 10.5.3

This AM I upgraded my two macs, a first generation MBP and a G5 iMac, to Leopard 10.5.3. Please note, the upgrade is large, at 450 MB, and when you finally restart it seems to cause Mail and iCal to freeze. You need to allow it to perform its processing on those apps, because it apparently does some kind of check on the mail and calendar contents.

After the upgrade, I noticed that Option-Cmd-Eject (puts OS X to “sleep”) works more smoothly, and that opening the laptop from the sleep state is quicker. Perhaps that is a coincidence, but this update is said to have covered a large number of bugs.

Flushing DNS

When accessing websites or mailservers, your DNS resolver caches the request so that future lookups are fast. However, sometimes when a zone on DNS is being changed while you work, you want to be able to clear the cache to force the resolver to get the latest name:IP address pair mappings. What to do about this?

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Tip - Get the OS X Version From CLI

If you are logged into OS X as usual, you can get your system version from “About This Mac” in the Apple menu. This is not helpful when you are remotely connected to a server via SSH, however. So how do you do it?

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Tip - OS X Leopard Screen Sharing Tweaks

The default Leopard screen sharing app can be made a little more ARD-like, if you add some parameters via the “defaults write” command in Terminal. Check out the default style by sharing the screen of a neighboring computer in Finder, then read on to learn more.

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Tutorial - Making Nice With Rules

This tutorial describes how I solve the challenge, marking my subscriptions and regular mails as “Expiring”, so that I can use a smart folder to view and prune them regularly.

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