Exporting Google’s My Maps as KML

I have been spending some time making Google Maps in “My Maps”, such as this bike route down the Sakai river, then along the Shonan coast, and back home.

Some applications, like Google Earth, use KML data to represent map routes. There is an easy link now, in My Maps, to click and open the map directly in Google Earth. But if you need the KML data for importing elsewhere, you can save it this way:

First, in one of your maps in Google My Maps, copy the URL for “View In Google Earth” by right clicking the link and copying the URL. On a mac, it’s “copy link location”.

Then in a blank browser window, enter the URL in the address bar:


Now change the output by switching output=nl to output=kml. Entering the URL will give an option to save. Save the KML file somewhere on your drive, and then you can import it elsewhere.

Celebrating Regiment, With Rodney Strong Symmetry

I decided to celebrate Phantom Regiment’s DCI 2008 championship win with some Rodney Strong 2000 Symmetry, photo of label below.

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Kamogawa-kan - Beautiful Ryokan in Chiba

I took my family to “Kamogawa-kan” in the Chiba peninsula for a couple days to relax in an onsen hotspring spa and sunbathe.

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Phantom Regiment - I Am Spartacus!

Phantom Regiment - Drum & Bugle Corps won the 2008 DCI Drum Corps International Championship yesterday with a evocative, powerfully emotional show based on the story of Spartacus, the gladiator and slave-leader who led an army of slaves against Rome in the Servile Wars.

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21 Years in Japan

Today marks my 21st anniversary of coming to Japan! I’ve officially spent half my life here, and things are going well!

Bicycle Training Log

I bought a new Centurion mountain bike last winter, and have been riding regularly. I decided to log my travels and hopefully chart any progress. Usually I ride down the “Fujisawa Yamato Jitenshado (cycling road)” to Enoshima, round to Kamakura and back home via Ofuna. It’s a good trip for me, at about 35 km depending on which route I take.

When I look at the average times of the Tour de France riders, I am humbled. They are incredible athletes, averaging something like 40 kph on the stages, which means they are probably doing 30 uphill and 60 down. Wow!

Apologies: The Japanese Tradition

I’ve lived in Japan since 1987, and it never ceases to amaze me about the way there’s continual apology going on for fairly trivial stuff, but none to speak of when it’s really warranted.

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Photo Tampering Throughout History

So “Photo Shopping” is not a new thing. Not at all! Check out Photo Tampering Throughout History for a taste of what’s been done.

New Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for OS X

Microsoft released a new Remote Desktop Client version 2, with a useful multi-session feature (the previous version could only connect one Windows system at a time). Download it here.

Saving Downloading FLV Files Using the Safari Activities Window

If you have a YouTube video you covet, you can save it to your hard drive using the videodownloader Firefox extension, or using other websites such as KeepVid. For sites that do not work this way, there’s still hope for Mac users.

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