Retro-looking Nissan Figaro, Gumisawa Totsuka Japan

This is a rather retro Nissan “Figaro”, parked at its nest in Gumisawa Totsuka Japan. I saw it while cycling around, and compositionally liked the play of the sun below, and the angles of the ferro-concrete house. I took this shot with a Nikon D90, using the Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 Macro.

Aging Population in Japan Needs Drugstores

Japan’s society is aging, so you see more and more pharmacies and drug stores popping up. This one is in Odoriba, near Totsuka Japan, and has the bases covered by selling typical household goods as well as pharmaceuticals. The colors struck me as I was walking by. Taken with a Nikon D90 and 60mm Micro Nikkor.

Support the Local Stores - Imamiya

This is our local store “Imamiya”, which is not as cheap as the local giant chain, but has a certain charm. It has been in business for quite a long time, but recently seems like it is a little bit run down. These places get driven out of business by the big guys, so I like to shop there when I can. Support your local store!

New Hilly Japan Bike Route From Gumisawa to Hakkeijima

Saturday 11 Oct I rode a new 40 km route, this time going East from the mother ship towards Hakkeijima. I went up kanjo 3 go, towards my elder daughter’s school, and over to CostCo for some bagels and granola, but it was much harder than I thought, with a 4 km hill right out of the gate. A good difference from the usual “almost no hills” route. Hill-riding is really a different skillset, and is tiring in a different way from my 63 km route down to Enoshima, along the coast, and up via the Sagami and Mekujiri rivers.Check out my other bike routes in Japan, as there are some really nice places to ride here in Kanagawa and Shonan.

Japanese Evacuation Centers Are Well-Marked

Japan is obviously prone to earthquakes, so there are designated evacuation areas or “hinanjo” here and there, usually in parks or stadiums (stadia?). This one says it is down in the US Military Fukaya Communications Base “tsushintai” in Japanese under the words “EVACUATION AREA”. If you live here, keep and eye out for these markers, because that is where most people will proceed in the event of a major disaster.

Baru Tapas in Hiroo, Tokyo

Baru Logo PlateBaru is a great Tapas place in Tokyo’s Hiroo district between Tengenji and Platinum Street. Great Tapas and wine, and it is always packed with good-looking ladies (unless a certain Jason is there :). The master is a personable guy, who speaks a little English and a little Spanish. Go. You won’t regret it.

Jack, Anna, Phil and Rick Tour Kamakura

Jack, Anna (pictured), Phil and I tried our hand at “omikuji” at the big Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine in Kamakura. Omikuji are fortunes that you draw by shaking a box of numbered sticks, the number corresponding to a white piece of paper with the fortune written on it. You can pray to improve your fortunes by folding and tying the omikuji paper onto a contraption shrines have, with horizontal wires. You can see it in the picture.

Seems when I take customers touring, someone always has to pull a “kyo” (worst luck)! Oh well, it can only get better. My year end omikuji in 2007 was a “kyo” but I drew a “daikichi” or “best luck” on New Years day, my birthday. Good luck to all in 2008!

Save Local Disk With Gmail “Advanced IMAP Controls”

I outlined ”Setting up Leopard with Google Gmail IMAP” previously, and Google Labs has released a new feature for regular and Google Applications Premier Edition Gmail - Advanced IMAP Controls. How can you use this to save space?

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First 70 Km Bike Trip

I did the River-Sea-River route Saturday in the rain, my first bike trip to exceed 70 km with a brisk personal best time of 34 minutes from Totsuka to Enoshima.

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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Updated

See the updates in Mac Keyboard shortcuts. I added some more beef on the explanations for startup commands especially.