Important Info From US Embassy to People Stranded in Japan

The American Chamber of Commerce sent this “warden message” from the US Embassy in Japan. Please forward.

**March 12, 2011 14:20**

This warden message is being issued by the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo to advise U.S. citizens residing or traveling in Japan of ways to let family and friends know your status. This information is also being posted on the Embassy website to help family members to get the status of the person they are looking for.

For information regarding tsunami warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency, please see the JMA website: []( or [](

We understand that there are limited flights departing from Narita and Haneda airports in the Tokyo area. If you trying to fly out from Japan, please contact your airline to see if it is scheduled to depart.

For those who are in Japan and wish to inform of us of your condition, please send an e-mail to and provide the following information:

- Full Name

- Date of Birth

- Place of Birth

- As much information as possible regarding your physical location (address, hotel name, etc.) and contact information (home phone, cell phone, email address, etc.) within Japan.

- Please also in your e-mail please state that we may your release information to people who may contact us regarding your welfare.

We encourage you to try to contact your family and friends. Possible ways to inform your family of your situation:

1. While we understand that there have been disruptions in communications in Japan, including the interruption of internet and mobile telephone service, we encourage you to continue your efforts to be in contact with your loved one(s) using SMS texting and other social media (e.g., FaceBook, My Space, Twitter, etc) that your loved one(s) may use.

Other possible ways to inform your family of your situation:

2. Google

Google has created the site, “Google Person Finder”.


If you are in Japan, you can post messages about your whereabouts. A person looking for you can type in your name to find out if you are safe. Similarly, your family or friends may have posted a message that they are looking for you.

3. Cell Phone Messages

If you have a cell phone in Japan, you can post messages via your cell phone provider. Family and friends who know your cell phone company can check the cell phone company’s website below and type in your phone number to see any message you have left. The available areas are Aomori, Miyagi, Yamagata and Fukushima prefectures.

_For Docomo users:_


_For KDDI (Ezweb) users:_


_For Softbank users:_


_For Wilcom users:_


_For Emobile users:_


_Another way to find out:_


Please continue to monitor the Embassy’s website, [](, for updated information.

For telephone inquiries, please call **202-501-4444 or 1-888-407-4747**.

**US Embassy Tokyo**