Twitter Meishi Generator From @faa

Twitter user @faa has created a ”Twitter Meishi Generator”, or, ”TMG”, which you can use to create a Twitter business card with your last tweet or bio, a QR code of your URL, in an assortment of delightful colors.

So, How Does One Actually Create a Meishi from the TMG?

Screenshot showing result of Faa Automatic Twitter Meishi Business Card Generator.Never fear. You can click the image to see an annotated version of this Twitter Tool, and here’s how to use the Twitter Meishi Generator:

  1. Visit the Twitter Meishi Generator.
  2. Enter your Twitter user name.
  3. Choose what to put in the meishi’s callout - your last tweet, your bio, or none.
  4. Click the radio button next to the color you desire.
  5. Click the “meishi wo tsukuru” button.
  6. Behold your sparkly-new meishi.
  7. Click the “Download Large PNG” button. (Don’t worry, it’s not so large).

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Faa used the free M+1P+IPAG font to generate the meishi’s font, and is generating the QR codes via the Google Chart API. Thanks, Faa, very cool!

Twitter Meishi Generator