"Gyaru-go" Girl Japanese

Mezamashi TV broadcasted a segment on the lastest ‘gyaru’ (gal) language. If you’re not familiar, gyaru are the sort of schoolgirls who hang out in Shibuya or Harajuku, dress in the latest fashion and speak in a sort of code.

Here’s the three slang words I remember:

ムカTK mukaTK - mukatsuku, to be pissed off.

The original’s just as easy, ladies.

モレる moreru - um, to be dressed up, with your hair in a bun with cute accessories.

Comes from “moritsukeru” to decorate.

シカメ shikame - from shikato and meeru, ignore mail. To have blown off answering someone’s text message.

I hear that a large percentage of schoolkids get really stressed about “shikame”.

At any rate, remembering these is one thing, but using them is another, so remember this: if an “oyaji” (middle-aged guy) like me uses gyaru-go, he’s ostracized by his daughters and subjected to the ”uzai” label for all time. :-)