"One Coin" Services All the Rage in Japan

Japan morning TV reported that “One Coin” (ワンコイン) services are all the rage these days in Japan, due to the down economy. What, you say? Whassat?

What this Engrish phrase means is that you can buy a good or service with a single 500 yen coin, or about USD 5.00.

Indeed, you can see them here and there:

  • “Makudonarudo” McDonald’s has a 500 yen value set.
  • “One Coin” lunches at salary-man lunch joints.
  • Short foot massages for 500 yen.
  • “Test Esthe” at Miss Paris Esthetic Salon for “one coin”.
  • Yoshinoya and Matsuya meat bowls for 500 yen.

Next time you’re out and about in Tokyo, keep an eye out for ”one coin” ワンコイン services.