Salaryman Neo's "Salaryman Calisthenics"

There is a skit called ”Terebi Salaryman Taiso” (Taiso = Calisthenics) from the NHK TV comedy Salaryman Neo. It is based on the famous known-by-every-Japanese NHK “rajio taiso”, a calisthenics show on the radio, in which the idea is to stretch to piano music.

All Japanese learn radio exercises, so seeing the bastion of conservative NHK “taking the piss” out of their own bulwark program in this irreverant way, is quite amusing.

I had a YouTube video linked here, but alas it has been taken down. See a couple of alternatives -

  • TV Salaryman Taiso on Veoh shows how to laugh, the HAHAHA of habatsu (faction), the HIHIHI of hira-shain (rank and file employee), the FUFUFU of furin (adultery) and so on.
  • TV Salaryman Taiso Live in NHK Hall is maybe easier to understand, in that they are showing how to bow depending on the rank of the visitor. Team leader merits 10 degrees, manager 25, director 40, and CEO warrants a flip!