Doki-doki Camp's "Jack Bauer, Driving Instructor"

If you are a Jack Bauer or 24 fan, you might be surprised to know how popular Jack Bauer is in Japan. Kiefer Sutherland appears in TV commercials for an energy bar called Calorie Mate, and the manzai comedy group in this video, ”Doki-doki Camp” (ドキドキキャンプ) does him in various scenes in ordinary Japanese life. In this one, Jack is an instructor at driving school and tells the learner “you’re gonna get your license in 24 hours!”, and in others, he interviews for a job, pointing a gun at the interviewer while insisting that he’ll be the CEO “in 24 hours!”. No deaths in the skits, which is somewhat anti-Jack, but it’s very funny stuff.