Niigata's Dubious Claim to "Fame" - the Shortest Skirts

Here’s a screenshot of a couple images of the posters being used in Niigata prefecture’s crusade to try to prevent girls’ skirts from getting any shorter. That Niigata has the girls with the shortest skirts is a dubious claim to “fame” unless you’re a lecher or a horny male high-school student.

On the upper left in the screenshot, the “evidence” - a couple of female students from behind. These skirts are not even so short. Some are just over-the-top short. I can hear Bill Cosby:

Put your brains back in your head! Don’t you let your brains fall out of your head! Have you lost your mind?

On the lower left, the designers of the posters hold their creations, and the pink poster says “if you set your mind to it, you can stretch your studies and your skirt”. This makes sense in the original language, as “stretch” in this case means improve. The TV capture on the right is a pun on good taste or “grace”, meaning girls whose skirts are too short lack it.

Good luck Niigata. I have a teenage daughter, so I know what it is to try to get her to let that hem out!