Post Delicious Bookmarks to Your Blog

Delicious has an experimental service that allows you to enter information about your blog, and have Delicious post a summary of your latest bookmarks to your blog.

Assuming you are a Delicious member (free) you can get to the Blog Posting Interface via this URL:

In the interface, the “out_url” section is where you put the so-called “XML-RPC” URL for your blog software. This is not your blog URL but rather the URL of the API for posting via blog publishing software.

For Blogger, the XML-RPC URL is:

You can get your Blogger ID by going to the Blogger web interface, making a new post, and hovering your mouse over the “Edit Posts” link. That said, I have tried this with various numbers for the “out_id” section, my Blogger blog ID, the numeral 1 and so on, as well as various variations of the Blogger XML-RPC URL, but, nothing works. So, I’ll relay an alternative method.

Posting Delicious to Blogger via Feedburner

Here’s how to do it:

Enter your Delicious RSS feed into Feedburner.

Republish as a Feedburner feed, and adjust in Feedburner as you like, including publishing the feed via email on the Publicize tab.

Subscribe to your Feedburner feed for your Delicious using your special post-to-Blogger email address. You can subscribe on the FeedBurner feed page - there’s a link to subscribe by email, and you can enter your email-to-blogger email address there.

That should do it. Enjoy!

Update 11 Dec - thanks Adam. I incorporated your suggestions.

Subscribe to FeedBurner feed by Email


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—by Rick Cogley