The Carpenters Are Popular in Japan

Every morning on Japanese TV lately, there’s a commercial segment that plays a cover of “Top of the World” by The Carpenters. I knew that The Carpenters were popular here, having seen their songs on many a karaoke menu and heard them played pretty consistently. I had mentioned their popularity in Japan to an American friend, who was baffled by it, and I laughingly mentioned this to my wife this AM.

She told me that their songs have been played for years in our local Gumisawa Elementary and in other Elementary Schools around Japan. “Top of the World” starts the day, and “Yesterday Once More” ends it, even on “Rainy Days and Mondays” and on “Saturday”s too. I’ve never heard such a thing in “All of My Life”! Maybe that is why so many Japanese people like them or feel nostalgic singing their songs at karaoke. Another factor might be that the English in the songs is sung clearly, and so it might be easier to understand for a non-native speaker.

My wife said it changes generation to generation, and her Dad’s tune for leaving school was Humoresque (Dvorak). I prefer the Dvorak but that’s just me.

“Goodbye and I Love You”. [Sorry, couldn’t resist. :-) ]