Google Labs Adds Task List to GMail

Wow, Google Labs just keeps adding and adding functionality to the Google stable of apps. Now you can have a task list in your GMail or Google Apps Premier Mail, made from the incoming mails you indicate.

How to Enable Your GMail Task List

You can enable the GMail or “GAPE” Mail Task List by visiting the Google Labs tab in your GMail settings, and enabling Tasks.

  1. Enable your Labs Tab if you have not already.
  2. Visit the Labs tab and Enable Tasks, per the screenshot in this article.

That’s it. You can now check-select any mail item, choose Actions, and convert the mail into a Task. The Task list is accessible by the keyboard shortcut “gk”.

The GMail task list is not uber-sophisticated, but it is functional. If you don’t use something like OmniFocus, this might be your tool. Enjoy!