Chinese Domain Scam - Register Now or Else

I received the unethical blackmail email below, which upon doing some research is a scam. Here is a telling blog entry on the same with hundreds of non-victims compleat with saucy-yet-puerile rebuttals from the scammers.

Report the China Domain Scammers to CNNIC

I reported this to the NIC in China - CNNIC and to the Hong Kong Police Technology Crimes division. If you receive a mail with a subject line similar to ”Subject: URGENT –dispute of internet intellectual property safeguard”, forward it along to CNNIC who controls the registrars in China. Here is the contact info from CNNIC’s website:

CNNIC Service

4, South 4th Street, Zhongguancun,

Haidian district,

Beijing 100190, China

POB: Beijing 349, Branch 6

TEL: +86-10-58813000

FAX: +86-10-58812666


You can also report to the Hong Kong Police Technology Crime Division.

Technology Crime Prevention Unit,

Technology Crime Division,

Commercial Crime Bureau, HKP,

22/F, Arsenal House,

Police Headquarters,

1 Arsenal Street, Wanchai

Hong Kong.

TEL: (852) 2860 5012

FAX: (852) 2328 7128


Here’s the scam letter, for your reference:

(If you are NOT CEO,please forward this to your CEO, because this is urgent.Thanks.)

Dear CEO,

We are the department of registration service in China. we have something need to confirm with you. We formally received an application on November 17, 2008, One company which self-styled “Speed(China)Investment Co.,Ltd” are applying to register (esolia) as internet brand name and domain names as below ( etc.).

After our initial checking, we found the internet brand name and these domain names being applied are as same as your company’s, so we need to get the confirmation from your company. If the aforesaid company is your business partner or your subsidiary company, please DO NOT reply us, we will approve the application automatically. If you have no any relationship with this company, please contact us within 15 workdays. If out of the deadline, we will approve the application submitted by “Speed(China)Investment Co.,Ltd” unconditionally.

We would like to get the affirmation of your company,please contact us by telephone or email as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Kevin Wu

Senior Director

TEL: +86 21 69929440

Fax: +86 21 69929447

Just what we need. More scammers and spammers.


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—by Rick Cogley