First 70 Km Bike Trip

I did the River-Sea-River route Saturday in the rain, my first bike trip to exceed 70 km with a brisk personal best time of 34 minutes from Totsuka to Enoshima.

The actual route is less than 70 km, but thanks to getting a bit lost around the Atsugi base, the whole trip was 70.5 km. Not bad for starting last November, but I’m still in no semblance of good shape. Another first was that I took the bike apart (somewhat) to clean it using an organic “orange” de-greaser, and changed the pulley wheels from the Shimano Deore XT plastic ones (seems like a hard vinyl-like substance) to aluminum ones. The metal ones are a bit noisier but it was an interesting exercise to swap them out and see how the thing fits together.

Yikes: the metal ones are actually _much_ noisier, so I ended up swapping back to the plastic ones. I heard that the metal ones eat your chain, too.