Meet Your New Favorite Browser - Flock 1.0!

I had been using OmniWeb and Firefox on Mac OS X, but read an interesting review about Flock, a new browser based on Firefox but geared more toward the Social Web.

Here’s what Shawn at Flock had to say about the 1.0 release:

It is my sincere pleasure to announce the release of Flock version 1.0. The Social Web Browser is now available to download from []( This event marks a significant milestone for our company. When I arrived at Flock one year ago, the primary goal I set for the company was to transform us from a great idea company into a world-class [innovation and execution company]( Since that time, the tremendous work from all across Flock’s expanding organization has demonstrated this team’s appetite and capability to do exactly that: we upgraded the underlying technology platform for Flock with [version 0.8]( in Q1 of this year, we enhanced significantly the dependability, discoverability and feature integration with [version 0.9]( in Q2, we released over two hundred bug fixes and feature enhancements with [version 0.9.1]( in Q3, and today we are launching the full release of Flock 1.0, with the integration of “people in the browser”, available as a free download for Mac, PC and Linux.The 1.0 Social Web Browser incorporates all your friends across numerous popular social services (Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter). We hear from our 1.0 beta users every day that this product has changed the way they are engaging with and [experiencing the Web]( The most frequently used adjective describing this version of Flock is ‘addictive’. We take that as a real compliment, and a strong vote that Flock is onto something very special. Flock 1.0 is also a platform, and you will see an expansion of the social and media services with which Flock is integrated early in the New Year, along with the formal release of our 1.0 [API for developers]( and third parties around the world to leverage, add services and further contribute to Flock’s capabilities. With your help, and the millions of new users we plan to serve in the year ahead, we will continue to be champions of open-standards, and strive to continually deliver unique and meaningful experiences that place the user at the center of everything, and are made possible only from within the browser. We’re incredibly excited by the launch of Flock 1.0. The Flock team is both grateful and enormously proud of the overwhelmingly positive response to our 1.0 release, and I want to personally thank all of the passionate community members and Flock users who have emailed enthusiastic notes of encouragement. Your tremendous feedback fuels our desire to push the boundaries of browser innovation. We have great ambitions to continually improve and evolve Flock, and hope that we can continue to count on your passionate engagement to help us guide our course.I welcome your comments and feedback – either here or via email (shawn at