Failed Reinstall of Adobe Creative Suite CS3 - Disk 2?

I installed some software that overwrote some vital portion of Adobe Acrobat, so when I try starting that app, it complains, asking for a reinstall. What did I do?

So, embarking on the obvious course, reinstalling using the “refresh” function of the install DVD, I find out that half way through, the installer prompts for Disk 2, ExtendScript Toolkit. That would be fine, except there is no disk 2!

Much frustration and a lot of googling later, I found this Adobe forum post that has the hint that you can mount ExtendScript during the reinstall and all should be well. Get ExtendScript here. Boy, there’s just so many problems cited with the Adobe CS3 install, it’s a sham(e). Maybe Apple needs to buy Adobe - an announcement during the Jobs keynote tomorrow, perhaps?