Digital Practice of Law: On the Spot Training

Digital Practice of Law: On the Spot Training makes a good observation that JIT/JE is “the new thing.”

I have about 10 years of training experience, and coined the term “ConsulTraining” to describe the type of interaction where the trainer is being asked to arrange the training as the recipient wants it, and deliver it one-on-one with a consultative style.

When the trainer executes JIT/JE or as I call it ”ConsulTraining”, he or she should remember: To emphasize the value of ConsulTraining, and price it as such. I’d recommend not selling out on this process, which can be very effective for your client. To maintain discipline even in a one-on-one situation. It’s easy when you’re inexperienced to let this sort of situation get away from you and turn into a Free-For-All. Don’t do it. To define and stick to the agenda. If your client wants an on-the-fly change, politely make it known that “this is an agenda change, and we might not be able to cover the important topics of x, y and z. Is that OK with you?” I always write down changes that my clients request, so that when the inevitable instance of forgetfulness comes up, I can tactfully remind. To recommend normal classroom training when you know the curriculum is not suitable for a quickie JIT session.